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Vertical shaft impact crusher with high-performance

Nowadays, urbanization construction is in progress around our city. As the largest amount of building materials, mechanical sand takes a leading in the market. But not any kind of mechanical sand accords with the standard of building sand. Only those accord with the quality standard can be accepted by the market.

Vertical shaft impact crusher

By the studying of several years, Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher produced by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd takes a leading in the sand making equipment. The product it produces can meet the requirement one -time and avoids the second process. Secondly, it characterized by high-efficiency. Thirdly, it feathers on simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, energy-saving and eco-friendly, low cost.

The product it produces has good shape of final product,cubic shape and it suitable for aggregate shaping, manufactured sand and the aggregate production of expressway. It is the preferred equipment in this field.