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Several outstanding performance of PP series portable crushing and screening plants

The traditional crushers is inconvenient in the aspect of move,which not only waste lots of time in transportation, but also cost huge delivery expanse. PP series portable crushing and screening plant designed, research and invent by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is completely suitable for different requirements of mobile crushing, and can provide a whole new operation mode for customers and greatly decrease the operation cost. Its outstanding performance is as follows:

vertical shaft impact crusher

1.Strong mobility
It is short of length. Different crushing equipment is separately installed on a separate mobile chassis. Its short wheelbase and turning radius mean they can be transported on highway and moved at crushing sites.

2.Lower the cost of transportation
This equipment can crush the materials on-site. It is unnecessary to carry the materials from one site and then crush them in another one, which can greatly lower the cost of transporting materials for off-site crushing.

3.Flexible configuration and great adaptability
This equipment can form the following two processes of ‘crushing first, screening second’ or ‘screening first, crushing second’ according to different requirements of different crushing process. The crushing plant can be composed of two-stage plants or three-stage plants. The two-stage plants consists of  primary crushing and secondary crushing plant, while the three-stage plants includes primary crushing plant ,middle and tertiary crushing plant, each of which is of high flexibility and can be used individually. 

4.Reliable performance and convenient maintenance
Yifan brand crushing and screening equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher,cone crusher,vibrating screen,is of good performance, high reliability. Mobile plants mainly use these machine. The design of all these machines have been optimized that results in higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.