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The characteristics of the vertical shaft impact crusher

With the the growth of the global economy and the development of the construction industry,the vertical shaft impact crusher has been gotten widely promotion and application in the industry of mining and sand industry.As the second crushing steps of and production line,it has the advantages of simple structure,big crushing ratio,production cut rate etc,and can to adjust the size of the equipment gap and can change discharging size of the materials production according to the customers demands,and meets the demand of the customers at different production ways.

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The advantages analysis of the vertical shaft impact crusher:It can process the materials that the humidity is big,and can also prevent the circumstances of blockage of the crushing machine.The vertical shaft impact crusher is suitable for the materials with big hardness and the materials with small hardnesss.It also can be convenient and flexible to adjust the material particle size,and has a wide range to adjust. Moreover,the wear degree of the wear parts is small,and has high utilization rate of metal.The replacement of the spare parts is simple,and the cost of the maintenance is less.With high wear-resistant materials,the hammerhead and impact plate has longer service life.